Who We Are

There are many Indoor venues in Mumbai City, but none have more personality than the DOME. The beautiful promenade where it resides was built at the end of 2012. The sound system, which resonates perfectly through each level, is the city's elite. The DOME truly is a magnet, drawing both the best talent and the most passionate followers who are fortunate enough to score a ticket. How often have you heard about a DOME show being sold out? How many times has it left you incensed because you were missing out? Exactly!!!!

The venue itself breathes life into your experience. A space can take a show from completely unforgettable to exceptional. DOME is a gem near the waterfront its Reputation holds weight; a long-standing commitment to excellence always resonates with patrons who won't hesitate to spend money on quality. We all know that ticket sales are driven by the talent, but your money goes toward an experience. You get what you pay for, why wouldn't you want the best?

Since its inception, the DOME has been where careers have been rerouted and born. In early February 2015 BMW delivered one of its best ever product – the BMW – I8 launch marking a new era in product launches and the gloriously sinful performances by STEVE AIOKI BLASTERJAXX , KNIFE PARTY unleashing a new era in entertainment topping it up with a dash of glamour with the city's most talked about Fashion exhibit – BRIDAL ASIA

The DOME is all set to go Hollywood in the upcoming months with Beauty and the Beast,. There are concert halls, and then there is DOME. Bow down to the ultimate venue. The Stage is set , the curtains to be raised …its time You take a seat and watch a spectacle of a lifetime.